The variables are as follows:

  • Name. CG number from CG database (format cg########).

  • GenomeBuild. Genome build.

  • Chr. Chromosome on which the target locus is located.

  • MapInfo. Cancer subtype.

  • Source. Genomic position of C in CG dinucleotide.

  • SourceVersion. Genomic position source.

  • SourceSeq. Original sequence of the region covered by assay probes.

  • TSS_Coordinat. Transcription start site genomic coordinate.

  • Gene_Strand. Gene strand.

  • Gene_ID. RefSeq identifier (GeneID).

  • Symbol. Gene Symbol.

  • Synonym. Gene synonyms.

  • Accession. Gene Accession (this is the accession of the longest transcript).

  • GID. GI ID.

  • Annotation. Gene annotation from NCBI database.

  • Product. Gene product description from NCBI database.

  • Distance_to_TSS. Distance of CG dinucleotide to transcription start site.

  • CPG_ISLAND. oolean variable denoting whether the loci is located in a CpG island (by relaxed definition) .

  • CPG_ISLAND_LOCATIONS. Chromosomal location and genomic coordonates of the CpG island from NCBI database.

  • MIR_CPG_ISLAND. Chromosome:start-end of upstream CPG island from a micro RNA.

  • MIR_NAMES. Name of micro RNA near locus.